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Libro “Green Day: El arte del Rock” a ser lanzado por Adeline

Adeline puso este nuevo producto en venta, el cual es un libro que presenta arte inspirado en 21st Century Breakdown. Se llama The Art of Rock, y Adeline lo describe como “una muy bella adición a cualquier colección de Green Day”. Cuesta 10 dólares, y pueden ver y comprar el libro aquí. Se cree que son las mismas pinturas que estaban en una exposición en Londres, el 2009.

En otras noticias, el IdiotClub se ha cambiado el nombre a IdiotNation, y la página está mucho mejor diseñada y demás. Fue ahí que Mike aparece diciendo que la gira 99 revolutions estará luego con nosotros, y que están ansiosos por empezar. Así que si tienen cuenta, no duden en verlo :D

A partir de mañana, a escuchar a ¡Tré!

Obviamente, cuando la Amanda va a la Universidad, pasan noticias importantes xD Hoy, el IdiotClub publicó el siguiente comunicado:

¡Tré! será transmitido completamente en todo el mundo una semana antes de su lanzamiento, a partir de mañana, martes 4 de diciembre, a las 9AM PacificTime. ¡Vayan a mañana para ver dónde oírlo!

Ahora, para quienes se complican con las horas, 9AM PacificTime son las 12PM EST, y las 12PM EST son la 2PM Chile y Argentina. Aún no tenemos el listado de las páginas que estarán transmitiendo el disco, pero la página de Facebook de la NME publicó una foto que dice “Mañana. 5PM.”, lo que da a pensar que el disco estará siendo transmitido ahí. NME es de Inglaterra, así que las 5PM es lo mismo que las 12EST, así que estaría calzando con el patrón :) Así que… ¡atentos mañana, para poder escuchar ¡Tré! una semana antes de su lanzamiento!

Respuestas al Q&A de Jason White en el IdiotClub

Hace un tiempo, el IdiotClub dio la oportunidad de hacerle preguntas a Jason White, quien las contestaría a través del IdiotClub en algún momento… Y el momento finalmente llegó. Les dejo las preguntas y respuestas en inglish no más, porque la Amanda no se siente del todo bien como para traducir en este momento… Quizás más tarde lo haga :)

xsinisterstrike asks: What’s your favorite moment from being on the road?
I could never come up with a favorite from all the years of being on the road. A great moment in recent memory… At the Rock Am See Festival in Konstanz, Germany. It was raining out. We were warming up in a tent before our set with A Quick One by The Who when Mike Ness walked in. I thought to myself, “How did I get here?”

jromero120 asks: What is your favorite song to play live?
Currently, Stray Heart. That and Stop When The Red Lights Flash.

dirnts asks: How did you become interested in playing guitar?
It’s been so long I forget. My older brothers had lots of KISS records. I “borrowed” a tape of Led Zeppelin 4 from my brother Chris. AC/DC Back In Black was on the radio a lot when I first got interested. All that and my mom’s Elvis records always perked my ears. Scotty Moore baby.

taylor234 asks: What was the last record you bought?
The Monochrome Set “Strange Boutique” reissued on LP.

slappy25 asks: what is your favorite band other than any band you have played with
The Replacements. The Beatles. Booker T & The MGs. The guys who played on The Monkees records. How the hell can you pick just one? The Stones. There.

dirnts asks: How did you meet Billie, Mike, and Tre?
I met Billie and Mike on Green Day’s first tour. My band, Step By Step (I know…) from Little Rock, opened for Green Day in Memphis at Antenna Club. Only they didn’t show up, at least in time to play the show. We stretched our set as long as we could, we probably knew 10 songs. The club gave up on them showing and announced the show was over and gave people half their money back. We were loading out when they pulled up in their van, “Are we too late?” A few stragglers were still hanging around outside. Someone was having a party so we all followed them over to a house in Midtown. We ended up hanging out for a few hours before we had to head back to Little Rock. I didn’t meet Tre til they came around on tour the next year. This time they played in Little Rock at Vino’s. I think there’s YouTube footage of this show somewhere. My friends and I bumrushed the stage during Knowledge.

lindsey_lobotomy asks: Jason, first of all, we here in the Green Day community absolutely adore you. My question is, what is it that you most like to do during the day before the evening’s gig? Sightsee? Sleep? Ping pong? Etc.?
Thank you Green Day community and Miss Lobotomy. Wow… all three of those things sound great. A nice stroll around town. Coffee. Newspaper. Crossword. Feed the pigeons. Flaneur.

idiot4green_day asks: Hi Jason! So my question for you is, If you had a movie about your life story or whatever it is people call it. What actor would you want to play the role of you and why?
I think you call it a biopic. Actor to play me? John Lurie. He’s a natural. Total charmer.

kovy27 asks: Which town do you prefer when you travel with Green Day?
Again, impossible to pick one. I can appreciate anywhere from Cleveland to Paris. Osaka? New York? Bangkok? Take your pick.

cabotgal asks: Following on from your “Hungover” 7 inch is there any chance of a Jason White solo album?
Never say never.

When you and Billie play The Replacements Trivia, who wins?
Don’t think we’ve ever played Replacements Trivia per se. I might’ve won a lyrics dispute once that I can remember regarding the song Little Mascara. I read about them and he actually saw them live. What does that say? He wins every time.

Whose cat is on the end of Give The Anarchist A Cigarette?
Billie’s old cat Basil. Definitely part Siamese. Beautiful cat. RIP Basil.

scott21 asks: If you had to pick a one song off each of the trilogy albums ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tre! what would the three songs be?
Currently… Fell For You, See You Tonight and Missing You. Next week it’ll be three different ones.

bri1039 asks: Which album is your favorite, ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tre!? Can you tell us anything about ¡Quatro! ?
Right now, Dos is speaking to me. Next week it’ll be Tre. Week after… Uno. Quatro? It’s a film about the making of all the records. They got loads of footage. I can’t wait to see how it comes together.

Are you a vinyl collector, what was the first and last vinyl you bought?
Yes I am. Don’t remember the first one I ever bought, but it was definitely on 45. I started buying 45s when I was young from the Wal-Mart I could walk to from my parents house. They had a whole display of the Top 40 records of the week you could choose from. Prince “Little Red Corvette”, or something by Michael Jackson probably. Last vinyl? See above.

cabotgal asks: To avoid confusion between the ‘Jasons’, do either you or Jason Freese have a nickname within the band?
He’s Freese. I’m Whitey.

hirsericho asks: Here’s the hard hitting question, Jason. Would you rather be a minotaur or a centaur? Think carefully.

clynedgal asks: As a total guitar geek, I love “rig rundowns” of guitarists that I like. You are my favourite guitar player out there, and I’d love to know a little bit more about what guitars, amps and effects you use? Billie is known for having have a large amount of guitars, while I mostly see you with the same 5-6 guitars. The red and the sunburst ES’s with the acoustic piezos, the red DC Special, (I’d love to know the story of that one!) and a couple of standard Les Pauls. Any rarities in your collection?
Amp-wise… I’m mostly using “modified” Marshalls live. On the new records we used Marshalls, a Divided By 13, a sweet Vox and a couple of Silvertones plus more that I can’t remember for the life of me.
Guitars of note… the red Gibson Les Paul Special is a ’59 I got from a great, now-defunct, guitar store here called Univibe. I traded in a great 335 I wish I still had for it plus some cash. Thanks to the fine folks at Gibson, I do have some great guitars you mentioned. Big Red – the red 335 with piezos. Honey, the 335 burst with piezos. I have a cool 90s (probably?) black & white Epiphone Casino named Gertrude with a humbucker in the bridge position. I love that guitar. I played it on Oh Love. And standard Les Pauls… who doesn’t love Les Pauls? Handier than a pocket on a shirt.
Effects? I use the Line 6 big green delay thing. Lots of options. For boost, I mostly use an Xotic EP booster. Super simple. One knob. I use a wah on Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. That’s about all the bells & whistles I use regularly…

nisa1039 asks: What’s been your biggest accomplishment in your musical career so far?
See above.

austin_murell asks: When you joined Billie, Mike, and Tre, did they mess with you and pull pranks on you for being the newcomer of the band?
Let’s just say college fraternities ain’t got shit on hazing. And that’s just the crew!

sammacs asks: What’s your best/worst memory of performing live?
Can’t pick just one, but off the top of my head… One of the best in recent memory was our last show at Irving Plaza in New York. Great show. One of the worst was breaking a string in the middle of playing Waiting on Letterman. Not a damn thing you can do.

supureman asks: Do you use scales when you solo? and if you do, which kind and which mode?
Catfish don’t have scales. Depeche Mode.

gabx3love asks: Did it take you a long time to learn all of Green Day’s songs to play live?

Recuerden que pueden unirse al IdiotClub para formar parte de esto y más aquí :)

Vídeo de Stray Heart a ser lanzado el miércoles

El IdiotClub anunció que mañana el miércoles, a las 9AM EST (11AM Chile/Argentina), el vídeo oficial de Stray Heart está disponible. No dice dónde estará, si no que revisemos mañana a esa hora para averiguarlo. En cuanto esté disponible, lo tendrán acá :)

EDIT: Por razones fuera de nuestro conocimientos, el anuncio cambió de martes a miércoles. Mi teoría es que por las elecciones, pero nada oficial.

Q&A con Jason White del IdiotClub

El foro del IdiotClub está reuniendo preguntas para Jason White. El plazo de recepción es hasta el 15 de octubre. Si tienen cuenta, pregunten aquí lo que quieran y si no tienen cuenta, dejen acá un comentario con sus preguntas, y las posteo por ustedes :) En cuanto estén las respuestas, se las hago saber :)